Grand Knight - Ted Barry

Chaplain - Msgr. Cook

Deputy Grand Knight - Paul Gerst

Chancellor - John Gleason

Recorder - Kyle Laborda

Financial Secretary - Bryan Roach

Treasurer - John Bakas

Lecturer - (OPEN)

Advocate - Don Churchward

Warden - Phil Ott

Inside Guard - Paul Dolkas

Outside Guard - Marty Snyder

1 Year Trustee - Alan Smith

2 Year Trustee - Kevin Carr

3 Year Trustee - Jeff Graass

Newport Beach, California

Program Director - Paul Gerst

Membership Director - Bill McCarthy

Admission Committee Chairman - John Gleason

Retention Chairman - Kevin Carr

Church Director - (OPEN)

Vocations Chairman - (OPEN)

Community Director - Paul Dolkas

Culture of Life Chairman - (OPEN)

Health Service - (OPEN)

Council Director - Jeff Graass

Public Relations - Phil Ott

Family Director - Ray Davies

Youth Director - John Bruscia

The new council officers and directors for fraternal year 2017-2018.


The Installation of Officers scheduled for Saturday July 15th has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict and a new date and time will be announced soon.

Balboa Council 15083

The next Council meeting is Wednesday

October 18, 2017 at Our Lady of Mount

Carmel Church O'Donnell Hall commencing at 7pm. 

The new council officers and council directors for fraternal year 2017-2018 are listed below.

Ray Davies was selected as the Knight of the Month for the month of May.

Our Lady Mount Carmel Church and Saint John Vianney Chapel