Grand Knight - Ted Barry

Chaplain - Msgr. Cook

Deputy Grand Knight - Paul Gerst

Chancellor - John Gleason

Recorder - Kyle Laborda

Financial Secretary - Bryan Roach

Treasurer - John Bakas

Lecturer - Clarence McCarthy

Advocate - Don Churchward

Warden - Phil Ott

Inside Guard - Paul Dolkas

Outside Guard - Marty Snyder

1 Year Trustee - Alan Smith

2 Year Trustee - Kevin Carr

3 Year Trustee - Jeff Graass

Newport Beach, California

Program Director - Paul Gerst

Membership Director - Bill McCarthy

Admission Committee Chairman - John Gleason

Retention Chairman - Kevin Carr

Church Activities Chairman - Jeff Graass

Community Activities Chairman - (Open)

Culture of Life Chairman - Frank Bravo

Council Activities Chairman - Greg Landers

Family Activities Chairman - Ray Davies

Youth Activities Chairman - John Bruscia

Public Relations Chairman - Phil Ott

The council officers and directors for fraternal year 2017-2018.


Balboa Council 15083

Our Lady Mount Carmel Church and Saint John Vianney Chapel

The next Council meeting is a General Business Meeting Wednesday June 20, 2018 at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church O'Donnell Hall commencing at 7pm.