Installation of Officers - Each fraternal year the newly elected officers are officially installed in their respective elected positions by the District Deputy.

Sunday in September - Parish Picnic - From 1pm to 3pm in the courtyard and parish hall of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church.

Octoberfest - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church parish hall and courtyard.

Car Show - From 9am to 3pm on Saturday in September, Beauties on

the Beach.

Fundraiser for the Intellectually Disabled (I. D. Drive)

CPR/AED training on Saturday in February and May 9am to 1pm OLMC O'Donnell Hall

Christmas Wreath sales for SPIN, (Serving People in Need), November and December.

Tamales for Christmas, keeping Christ in Christmas, December

Saint Patrick's Party OLMC O'Donnell Hall in March

Talking with children after Mass

Working closely with clergy

Helping with church ministries

Greeting parishioners after Mass

Council Officer & Director Christmas Social

"Tamales for Christmas" fundraiser - chefs working at the parish hall