Knights of Columbus 
Balboa Council # 15083, District # 115 Our Lady of Mt Carmel & St. John Vianney

Council Regular Business Meeting Minutes:
April 18th, 2022 – start time: 5:54pm (Updated May 2, 2022)

Roll Call of Officers (P/A): Present/Absent

Grand Knight-Bryan Roach / P
Deputy Grand Knight- Mark Oravitz/EA
Chaplain-Msgr. Cook / EA
Financial Secretary-John Gleason /P
Warden-Paul Dolkas / P
Treasurer-John Bakas / P
Guard-Marty Snyder /P
Lecturer-Andrew Kristof /A
Trustee (1 Yr)-Jeff Graass /P
Trustee (2 Yr)-Ted Barry / P
Trustee (3 Yr)- Paul Gerst /EA
Chancellor-/ Kevin Carr A
Advocate- Jim Hayes /A
Recorder- Matt Wiens / P
Inside Guard-Michael Hernan /A
Others present:

Meeting Opening at 6:00pm

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Initiations / New Members:  None
Report of Commission Committee
Grand Knight’s Report: Bryan Roach
Treasurer’s report: John Bakas
Our balance was $9,616 ($7,100 net of outstanding checks)
Bills and Communications:
Financial Secretary: John Gleason
Auditors/Trustees Jeff Graass, Ted Barry and Paul Gerst
Program Director: Mark O’Ravitz No report
Chancellor’s Report: No report
Report Service Committee: Mark Oravitz No report
Faith and Family Director: Paul Gerst No report
Community Director: No report
Standing Committee Report: No report
Life Director: No report
Committee Chairman: Nate Coleman: No report
Retention Chairman: Kevin Carr: No report
Advocate Report: No report
Jim Hayes:   No report
Field Agent’s Report: No report
Program Director: No Report:

Unfinished Business:

Bruce Colbert – Knee surgery
Elsa Castillo’s friend who died (GK approved)
St. Michael’s in Hawaii (Mark O)
Go Daddy 5yr contract (Jeff G)
Discuss amount of Gift Card/certificate for food delivery (Paul Gerst)
Angel’s game (Mark) for Knight recruitment (7/30?)
Car show – ongoing prep for 10/22/2022
Meeting day/location change in 2022 – Ted sent a request to Rita for Tues. nights
Knights’ new member recruitment – Ted is sending an email re: dates (mention $26K donated in 2021)

New Business:

$500 donation approved:  Garden of Hope (Catholic Charities)


Dennis Poore has cancer.
Brother Bob Haub
Brother Richard Pruesse father Karl Pruesse
Greg Landers wife’s cousin Christine and Bruce King had surgery
Deacon Patrick Bartolic
Delia Navidad (dementia, recovering from stroke)
Janine Albert (undergoing chemotherapy for multiple Myeloma)
Gene York fellow Knight
Brother John McLaren’s wife
Brother Lucky Lippa’s Aunt Yolanda Lippa
Brother Kevin Carr’s Sons Father-in-Law David Kleaver with Cancer.
Brother Ted Barry’s Granddaughter Hattie Dulfer for her Grand mal seizures
Brother Tom Moore’s wife Fifi who underwent back surgery that did not go well
Brother John Ramos Nephew Ulysses who is not a believer.
Brother Ray Wilde for prostate cancer.
Brent Mize with stage 4 cancer.
Maria Lopez (special intention)
Brother Matt Wiens’ son Lucas Wiens (multiple health issues)
Kimberly Borkowski cancer
James Durando whose apartment burned
Joan Steen – Heart valve
Brother Brian Roach’s Grandmother - Heart issues
Broyher Jim Brucken – for a speedy recovery of his knee (surgery)
Brother Paul Gerst’s wife Shirley Gerst
Brother John Gleason’s brother in-law Ted McComb who has throat cancer
Sonya Dopp – Grech – stage 4 colon cancer
Ramona de Croix – cancer
Jaclyn Pirro-Turner
Brother Paul Dolkas – home was burglarized
Jim Reed who passed away.
Msgr. Baird’s Mother Maria Baird died on Sunday July 25th, 2021.
Brother Scott Bergey’s son Brian Bergey passed away on 3/15/21.
Brother Brian Roaches Grand Father Dr. Herold Howard Roach Jr.
Brother Knight Ben Younglove's wife Janette Younglove who passed away.
Father Condon’s brother Father Condon in Australia who passed away.
Father Condon’s brother Shames who passed away in Ireland.
Brother Paul Dokas’ brother Tom Dolkas passed away 11-15-2021
Sister Kathleen Pugh – principal, St. Joachim catholic school
Cindy Juell
Brother John Mclaren’s wife Maureen passed away 4/13/22
Frater Solanus’ mother Miraz Ayumi passed away 4/27/22


Deceased of our Council:

To H. Parrot 12-18 2011
Dr. Marvin Morrell Sando MD 12-31-2012
Richard Trevor Foss 12-12-2014
Paul E Rolfes 6-27-2015
Philip M. Law 5-8-2016
James Eugene Dobrott Sr. 11-23-2016
John Joseph Blaha Sr. 6-16-2017
Gerald F. Madigan 7-21-2017
Joseph C. Nedza 2-10-2018
Dr. William McCarthy MD 2019
Donald Lake Churchward 7-2-2019
Kyle Andre LaBorda 7-25-2020
Dr. Ray Davies D.D.S 11-19-2021